CUFA Graduate Forum

The CUFA Graduate Forum is a group associated with the College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA) and the National Council of Social Studies. We provide social studies, social sciences and history graduate students opportunities to present their work at conferences, mentoring, money for travel, fun and fellowship.

Current Officers

Chair: Andrea Watson-Canning, University of South Florida,

Vice-Chair: Jenni Conrad, University of Wisconsin,

Program Chair: Lisa Sibbett, University of Washington,

Assistant Program Chair: Peter Nelson, Michigan State University, 

Communications Officer: Anna Falkner, University of Texas at Austin,

Faculty Liaison: Dr. Margaret Crocco, Michigan State University

2018 CUFA Graduate Forum Roundtable Sessions

Deadline: Friday, June 8, 2018 (11:59pm PDT)

The CUFA Graduate Forum will be hosting roundtable sessions to provide an opportunity for participants to exchange in dialogue about their work at the CUFA Annual Meeting in Chicago, IL from November 28-30. The CUFA Graduate Forum will take place on the morning of Wednesday, November 28, 2018.

While all subjects related to the social studies are welcome, proposals in keeping with this year's CUFA theme, “Expanding the Intellectual Contours of Social Studies Education in Troubling Times,” are particularly encouraged. This theme encourages CUFA members to “resist the institutional decay that has bankrupted notions of citizenship and the personhood of marginalized peoples” and to “work together with teachers, community leaders, organizers, and activists to provide a template to help our citizenry reconceptualize definitions of democracy, democratic education, citizenship, and civic education.”

Submissions of work at various stages of completion are encouraged, including empirical studies, practitioner articles, research proposals, and synthesis works. No late submissions will be accepted. Submission of new proposals (i.e., those that were not submitted to CUFA) is highly encouraged; however, proposals not accepted to the main CUFA program may be revised and submitted for consideration in the Graduate Forum.

The roundtables are a valuable resource for graduate students who are seeking feedback for ongoing projects. Participants share their papers with fellow graduate students and faculty members from a variety of institutions. CUFA faculty members with expertise on the topics of the roundtable sessions serve as discussants offering feedback and advice for the participants. Roundtables will be thematically organized to allow participants to engage with peers who are conducting similar research, thus allowing for new insights in the field. Following the individual paper summaries (approximately 10 minutes per paper), discussion will ensue in order to explore questions pertaining to the research and gain constructive feedback from colleagues.

Presenters at the Roundtable Sessions will not have access to audio/visual equipment. You may choose to present your work with a laptop; however, the roundtable format is primarily discussion-oriented. You may choose to bring hard copy summaries of your paper for others present at the roundtable.


The deadline for submissions is June 8, 2018 by 11:59pm PDT. Please note our goal is to ensure that CUFA Graduate Forum roundtable sessions are featured in the NCSS/CUFA printed and electronic programs. We will begin taking applications in April after CUFA decisions go out.

There will be two parts to the proposal submission.

  1.  Please fill out the online form.
  2.  Please email your proposal document to

Proposals should be no more than 2000 words and should include:

  1. a)  Title
  2. b)   Abstract of 50 words or less (matching the abstract entered on the proposal submission form)
  3. c)    Purposes and/or objectives of the study/scholarly work
  4. d)   Theoretical framework or perspective
  5. e)   Research design and/or methods of inquiry (as applicable)
  6. f)    Findings or arguments and their warrants
  7. g)   Importance of the work's contribution to scholarship
  8. h)   References

The CUFA Graduate Forum employs a blind review of all proposals. To ensure to integrity of the process, please exclude the names of the author(s) and presenter(s) in the document. Criteria for review include (as appropriate) purpose, theoretical framework, design/method, conclusions, contribution to the field, and written organization. Notifications of proposal decisions and reviewer feedback will be sent in early July 2018.

For the purpose of avoiding any misunderstandings, your electronic submission acknowledges the following statement of intent: I certify that I have agreed to take part in this program and will do so if this proposal is accepted. It will be my responsibility to keep track of the status of the proposal as well as the date, time, and location of the presentation, if it is accepted.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the process, or to volunteer to serve as a reviewer, please contact the CUFA Grad Forum Program Chair, Lisa Sibbett, at or check out the CUFA Grad Forum on Facebook by clicking here.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter @cufagradforum