Social Studies Journals

Canadian Social Studies (The History and Social Science Teacher)

Canadian Social Studies (The History and Social Science Teacher) is an indexed, refereed journal published quarterly on-line at the University of Alberta. It is a journal of comment and criticism on social education and publishes articles on curricular issues relating to history, geography, social sciences, and social studies.

Citizenship, Teaching and Learning

Citizenship, Teaching and Learning focuses on citizenship teaching and learning in all contexts, for all ages within and beyond schools; international, global and cosmopolitan with a commitment to academic excellence within diverse democracies. The journal exists as an international forum in which researchers, policy makers and practising professionals can report on their on- going or completed work in relation to the broad areas of citizenship education and teacher education.

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Social Studies Teacher Education

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Social Studies Teacher Education is sponsored by the College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA) of the National Council for the Social Studies. The purpose of this journal is to provide a forum for reporting on research relating to social studies content, teacher education, and technology. Although research reports and theoretical articles which address social studies technologies in teacher education are the main focus of the CITE Journal, we are also interested in publishing scholarly research on social studies teacher education that makes creative use of technology in the presentation of the article on the Web. Because the journal provides a unique opportunity for dialogue, we encourage commentary on existing articles. These commentaries will be refereed and are presented along side the original in later editions.

The Councilor: A Journal of the Social Studies

The Councilor: A Journal of the Social Studies is the peer-reviewed journal of the Illinois Council for the Social Studies. Since 1939, The Councilor has published articles that incorporate pedagogical innovation and practice into all disciplines of the social studies. The Councilor also provides a forum for scholars to publish articles that explore the ways in which they integrate research into the classroom.

International Journal of Social Education

The International Journal of Social Education is the journal of the Indiana Council for the Social Studies.

Journal of International Social Studies

The purpose of the Journal of International Social Studies is to serve as a forum for social studies scholars from around the world to present and discuss common concerns in global, international and transnational issues in social studies education.

The first issue will be in September of 2010. We welcome submissions of scholarly research that address the purpose and mission of the journal. The journal will continue to be published biannually in the spring and fall. After registration, a manuscript can be submitted electronically.

Middle Level Learning

Middle Level Learning is a special publication from NCSS featuring lessons and information for middle school teachers. Published 3 times annually, Middle Level Learning is sent to all NCSS members as a supplement to regular periodicals

Ohio Social Studies Review

The Ohio Social Studies Review is  designed to:

1) Provide an outlet for research and best practices in social studies
2) Provide a forum for debate about the implementation of meaningful research and practice in social studies

Social Education

The NCSS flagship journal, Social Education contains a balance of theoretical content and practical ideas for classroom use. Their award-winning resources include techniques for using teaching materials in the classroom, information on the latest instructional technology, reviews of educational media, research on significant topics related to social studies, and lesson plans that can be applied to various disciplines.

Social Studies and the Young Learner

For K-6 teachers, NCSS offers Social Studies and the Young Learner , a journal which meets teachers' needs for new information and creative teaching activities. The teaching techniques presented are designed to stimulate the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills vital to classroom success.

Social Studies Research and Practice

The Social Studies Research and Practice journal is a peer-reviewed, electronic journal that focuses on providing a venue for P–16 social studies research and practice manuscripts, lesson plans, reviews, and issues related to higher-level learning outcomes.

The Geography Teacher

The goal of The Geography Teacher is to reach the myriad of needs of the NCGE membership of teachers from kindergarten through early university. This includes geography teachers, as well as those who teach geography through other disciplines, such as American history.

The History Teacher

The History Teacher publishes articles of three general types:

1) Reports on promising new classroom techniques, educational programs, curricula, and methods of evaluating instructional effectiveness.
2) Analyses of important interpretations, leading historians, historiographical problems, and recent trends in specific fields of historical research.
3) Critical review essays on audiovisiual materials, textbooks, and other secondary works suitable for classroom use.

The Journal of Geography

The Journal of Geography (National Council for Geographic Education) provides a forum for educators and scholars to present results from teaching and research that advance our understanding and practice of geographic education from pre-Kindergarten through the post-graduate levels. The Journal publishes articles on instructional approaches, the results of research, lesson plans and teaching activities, and reviews of books, maps, computer software and other digital products.

The Journal of Social Studies Research

The Journal of Social Studies Research  (JSSR) is an internationally recognized peer-reviewed journal designed to foster the dissemination of ideas and research findings related to the social studies. JSSR is the official publication of The International Society for the Social Studies (ISSS).

Theory and Research in Social Education

Theoryand Research in Social Education is designed to stimulate and communicate systematic research and thinking in social education. Its purpose is to foster the creation and exchange of ideas and research findings that will expand knowledge and understanding of the purposes, conditions, and effects of schooling and education about society and social relations. Manuscripts reporting conceptual or empirical studies of social education are welcomed.

The Social Studies

The Social Studies, a peer-reviewed journal written by K-12 classroom teachers, teacher educators, and curriculum administrators. Special sections provide teachers with a forum for sharing instructional ideas and offer commentary and perspectives on current issues in social studies education.